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German Citizenship Through Naturalisation

You can generally only take up German citizenship once you have been resident in Germany for at least eight years. If you fulfil certain conditions, then you have the right to become a German citizen. This cannot be refused. The following conditions must normally be fulfilled:

Find out as early as possible about what you need in order to apply for naturalisation and the preconditions that apply to you. It’s still worth finding out about this even if you only intend to stay in Germany for a few years.

Note: Not all citizens have to wait 8 years to be naturalised. Spouses and children can often be naturalised even if they have not been living in Germany for 8 years.

The cost of naturalisation is 255 euros.

A brochure entitled "Wie werde ich Deutsche/r" (How can I become a German) gives valuable advice on becoming a German citizen. It is available from the German Government Representative for Migration, Refugees and Integration ("Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration") and on the Internet at Hyperlink: www.einbuergerung.de

You can also obtain information from the local authorities.

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